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Eat healthy, cook smart and shop wisely. We create weekly menu plans with grocery list for busy people.  We help you to change the way you and your family eat and liven up your cooking with easy, delicious dishes from all around the world.

How It Works?

Easy-to-follow recipes * organized shopping list * step-by-step preparation guide. 

We’ve got a a plan to help you to get the dinner on the table fast. We show you how to eat delicious, home-cooked meal that can be prepared quickly, easily and economically.

Worldwide Recipes

Discover easy, healthy, budget-friendly recipes from all around the world.

Browse our recipes and taste around the world and experience the delicious flavours of different countries.

Lebanese Lentil Tabbouleh

The tabbouleh is the national dish of Lebanon and the pride of Lebanese cooks, a parsley salad flecked with tomatoes, bulgur, onion and mint. So what about pimping out the original tabbouleh, replacing the bulgur with cooked lentils? You will find it hard to stop...

Swiss Honey and Walnut Tart – Engadine Nut Tart

This tart, from the beautiful Swiss region of Engadine, is made from shortcrust pastry and a filling of chopped walnuts, cream and honey. It’s a rich caramelized pie that serves min. 10 persons, it’s easy to prepare and can be stored several days and can be prepared...

6 Middle Eastern Recipes with Bulgur

Bulgur is a popular grain in the Middle East, but it’s not as popular in other parts of the world. However, it’s surprisingly very easy to cook, extremely versatile AND healthy. Go ahead and give one (or all) of these Middle Eastern-inspired bulgur recipes...

8 Chilled Summer Soups from all over the World

Though soup is generally thought to be a wintertime food, it doesn’t have to be! Yes, soup can be served cold and be just as good. So why not give one of these chilled summer soup recipes a try? They’re perfect for a hot and sunny day! 1. Strawberry Soup...

Bulgarian Cucumber Yoghurt Soup – Tarator

Can we all agree that there’s just something so refreshing about cucumbers? They go well in salads, alcoholic beverages and…soup. Yes, cucumber soup is a real thing, and it’s darn good, too. You know what else is a real thing? Cold soup. No all soup...

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