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Eat healthy, cook smart and shop wisely. We create weekly menu plans with grocery list for busy people.  We help you to change the way you and your family eat and liven up your cooking with easy, delicious dishes from all around the world.

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Easy-to-follow recipes * organized shopping list * step-by-step preparation guide. 

We’ve got a a plan to help you to get the dinner on the table fast. We show you how to eat delicious, home-cooked meal that can be prepared quickly, easily and economically.

Worldwide Recipes

Discover easy, healthy, budget-friendly recipes from all around the world.

Browse our recipes and taste around the world and experience the delicious flavours of different countries.

Bulgarian Cucumber Yoghurt Soup – Tarator

Can we all agree that there’s just something so refreshing about cucumbers? They go well in salads, alcoholic beverages and…soup. Yes, cucumber soup is a real thing, and it’s darn good, too. You know what else is a real thing? Cold soup. No all soup...

Middle Eastern Bulgur with Lamb and Chickpeas

Bulgur is a grain made from a mixture of different species of wheat, and is commonly used in soups and breads. It is also often used in Middle Eastern cuisines such as this. This Middle Eastern bulgur recipe combines the traditional flavor of cumin with onion,...

Zucchini Ricotta Gnocchi with Parsley and Lemon

A traditional Florentine pasta, ricotta gnocchi is the lighter version to northern Italy’s potato gnocchi. You will use ricotta and zucchini instead of potatoes. Add some chopped parsley and lemon zest for extra flavor.  This gnocchi cooks up as soft,...

Peruvian Pork Stir Fry – Pork Lomo Saltado

This Peruvian-inspired Pork Stir Fy called Pork lomo saltado or lomito saltado traditionally made with a hot pepper (Aji Amarillo) but I used bell pepper to make a milder version at this time. It’s a popular Latino-Asian fusion dish that mixes the Chinese...

12 Perfectly Delicious Seafood Recipes from Around the World

Want to switch up your typical seafood dishes? Try one of these 12 seafood recipes from around the world. Everything from shrimp to fish to mussels–you’ll find a delicious recipe that everyone can enjoy. 1. Spanish Moroccan Fish: A flavorful dish packed...

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